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By the official signing of the merging agreement at the jointly organised General Assembly in Leuven (Belgium) on 24 February 1993, the Fédération Internationale de Sauvetage Aquatique (FIS) and World Life Saving (WLS) fond in 1971 were merged into a single, worldwide lifesaving organisation known as the International Life Saving Federation (ILS).
On the same day FIS and WLS agreed on a draft ILS Constitution and draft Bye-Laws and elected an interim Board of Directors tasked to set up the final merger between FIS and WLS under the Presidency of Kevin Weldon, AM (Australia – Surf).
The International Life Saving Federation was finally constituted on Saturday 3 September 1994 in Cardiff (United Kingdom).
Facts The creation date of FIS on 27 March 1910 in Saint Ouen (Paris) – France is considered as the official founding date of ILS. The merger date of FIS and WLS is 24 February 1993 in Leuven – Belgium. The constitution date of ILS is 3 September 1994 in Cardif – United Kingdom. Ever since, the ILS has provided the single uniting force of lifesaving around the world.
 ILS in brief
The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is THE world authority in the global effort to prevent drowning and regroups national life saving organisations/federations aiming at improving water safety, water rescue, lifesaving and lifeguarding and lifesaving sport. ILS is a non-political, non-religious, worldwide organisation.
The supreme authority of ILS is the General Assembly in which member organisations are represented. The Elective General Assembly elects a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors conducts the business of ILS between meetings of the General Assembly and is chaired by the President. The General Secretariat (Headquarters) is currently located in Leuven (Belgium) and houses the administration.
ILS has installed four Regional Branches. The Branches are established in and for Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe and are responsible for initiating, supervising and coordinating regional activities.
ILS has created Commissions which in turn are composed of Committees and Working Groups responsible for the management, development and technical aspects of each major ILS field of activity.
ILS also cooperates with partner organisations, governments, non-government organisations (NGOs) and sponsors to promote lifesaving worldwide.
The International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) is the world authority in the global effort to prevent drowning.
ILS is the International Federation for Lifesaving and Lifesaving Sport. In these roles ILS leads, supports and partners with national and international organisations committed to drowning prevention, aquatic safety supervision, emergency response and sport.
The international objectives of ILS are: Find the best methods and means of aquatic life saving, drowning prevention, resuscitation of the apparently drowned and emergency care. Teach lifesaving and establish educational exchanges of aquatic life saving techniques and operations. Exchange practical, medical and scientific experiences in the field of aquatic life saving and drowning prevention. Encourage the conduct of training schools available to the whole of the aquatic life saving world. Extend the teachings and activities of ILS to all places throughout the world and to communicate and act in co-operation with other international humanitarian bodies. Promote uniformity concerning equipment, information, symbols and laws for control and regulation within the aquatic environment. Promote and organise life saving sports and to regularly organise international aquatic life saving competitions in order to stimulate the interest of Members to improve their ability and willingness to save people who are in danger in the aquatic environment. Encourage the convening of international congresses for the purpose of creating links of friendship, solidarity and collaboration between Members and other international bodies which pursue the same humanitarian goals. Encourage measures to prevent the pollution of waters and beaches and other elements, which are dangerous to the public and users of the aquatic environment. Enter into financial transactions for the purchase of fixed or movable assets, or for other purposes which ILS consider appropriate for its operation. Take such other actions as ILS considers will advance these Objectives.
Summary Statement
The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is a global, non-profit federation of over 100 national lifesaving organisations around the world. ILS leads the worldwide effort to reduce injury and death in, on, or around the water.
The goal of the ILS is world water safety.
The ILS pursues this goal through the work of its member lifesaving organisations and by: Identifying and developing drowning prevention strategies. Publicising and encouraging implementation of effective drowning prevention measures. Exchanging information and research. Conducting international educational congresses. Establishing lifesaving organisations in areas where none exist. Developing lifesaving through lifesaving sport. Cooperating with other international bodies with shared goals.
 Presidents of ILS
1993 – 1994 : Kevin WELDON, AM (Australia – Surf) (interim president)
1994 – 1996 : Kevin WELDON, AM (Australia – Surf) (founding president)
1996 – 2000 : Derrick Swift WHITTING (South Africa)
2000 – 2008 : Alan Brian WHELPTON, AO (Australia – Surf)
2008 – 2012 : Dr. Steve BEERMAN, MD (Canada)
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